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An Ode to the IRS

November 18, 2016

I need to talk to the tax man today,
But I don’t want to wait on hold all day.
I don’t have a choice, so I pick up the phone,
Waiting and waiting, bored and alone.

They play me some music (if such can be called).
What’s that? A faint click…then nothing at all.
All that time waiting goes straight in the bin,
And now I must wait all over again.

Hours on hold, my patience grows thin;
Its wasting my time and hemming me in.
An agent! Hurrah! “Thanks for waiting,” I’m told,
A few words exchanged, and I’m right back on hold.

Can anyone please let me out of this cage
Before I destroy my poor phone in rage.
Maybe the IRS just doesn’t care,
But surely someone has a better way out there.