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Changes to enQ Subscriptions & Terms

November 4, 2022

Dear enQ Customers,

enQ continues to provide you with the best possible service in reaching an IRS agent in up to 90% less time by continuing to innovate in the face of market challenges.

Regarding the IRS’ pilot audio ReCaptcha, enQ has developed a right-to-quality-service hybrid solution to solve our customer’s needs.

At the moment, enQ provides access to all IRS departments at the same billing rate. However, some departments should be cheaper, and some should be more expensive depending on their respective load and enQ’s efforts in acquiring those agents. enQ will be transitioning to a single tier/queue supply & demand pricing model, which reflects the aggregate market conditions in trying to reach the IRS. The pricing transition will take up to two months.

enQ Service Upgrades

Despite the IRS reallocating about half its call center staff to address the significant backlog of 30 million paper returns (as mandated by Congress), enQ has continued to innovate. enQ has invested significant monies in its people, software intelligence, and infrastructure. In the past 12 months, enQ was entirely re-designed from the ground up.

Supply/demand pricing requires a fundamental change in enQ’s billing system, which will impact all subscription plans.

Subscription Changes Happening Now

Note: Changes will roll out this weekend November 5-6 2022: including pricing, website, terms

  1. Subscription plans will now purchase credits.
    1. For example, a $300/mo plan will purchase 30k credits per month. ($0.01/credit)
  2. Rollover minutes will be exchanged for credits at their notional value determined by your current plan.
    1. For example, if you are on the $299.97/mo plan for 1200 minutes/mo and have 400 rollover minutes in your account, the conversion will be as follows.
      1. Rollover credit notional value = 400/1200 * 299.97 = $99.99
      2. $99.99 purchases 9999 credits at a rate of $0.01/credit.
      3. Credit balance: 9,999 credits
  3. Pricing Rounding
    1. Monthly plan prices will be adjusted to round numbers.
      1. For example, $299.97/mo will become $300/mo.
  4. Calling enQ
    1. You will be quoted the current credits per minute for that call.
  5. Payments
    1. The new billing system will be post-pay, meaning at the end of the month, you pay both your subscription fee and your overage, if any. However, enQ will take a deposit ($300 for the standard plan) and hold it as credit for your last month’s invoice.

Updated Terms and Conditions

We’ve updated our Terms and Conditions to reflect these changes. Your use of the enQ service indicates that you agree to follow and be bound by our Terms. If you disagree with the Terms, do not access or use the enQ service.

Changes Specifically to Your Subscription&nbsp

Please check an email from with the subject text “Changes to enQ Subscriptions & Terms” sent around Nov 4, 2022, for specifics about your account.