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Sick Of Waiting On Hold With The IRS? Gets You To The Front Of The Line

March 4, 2016

The IRS is notorious for their poor customer service. Recent reports from the Government Accountability Office show that just 38% of taxpayers looking to speak with a live person were able to get through. Last year saw average wait times triple for those waiting to try to speak with someone.

“It is amazing to think that when people call the IRS to pay their taxes they have to line up for over an hour in many cases, just to try to talk to someone, and even then a majority of people fail to connect with a live person who can help them.” Said Andrew Valiente, creator of enQ — a service that helps Americans jump the phone queue when dealing with the IRS.

enQ operates a series of lines that are placed in the queue along with other calls and sells aged calls (those closest to being answered) to individuals and tax professionals through their website The service is compliant with FCC regulations.

enQ users wait an average of three minutes to connect with an IRS professional while during tax season the general public and accountants can wait over an hour. With the IRS fielding more than 100 million phone calls per year and achieving worsening results for their customer service and ability to address taxpayers concerns, enQ is a stop-gap solution for those who don’t want to waste their time on hold. Added Valiente.

enQ is an innovative tool that allows users to log on at before making a call to the IRS to buy one of enQ’s existing spots in the line. The average enQ line sold to a user connects within three minutes because enQ tracks IRS answer times and proactively dials to ensure it can meet demand.