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Supply and Demand Pricing Update

December 5, 2022

Dear enQ Customers,

Summary of enQ’s recent changes: Why and What

enQ’s goal is to offer reasonable hold times to its customers.

The optimal way to do this was to introduce supply and demand pricing.

  1. enQ first lowered the price per minute on all departments
  2. enQ then floated the rate to supply and demand

Supply and Demand Pricing Update

Peak enQ hold times have come down relative to the previous weeks.

enQ call volume that shifts from peak to non-peak times result in:

  1. Higher total customers connecting to agents
  2. Lower peak enQ hold time and price (credits per minute rate) for everyone

The algorithm constantly learns to maximize customer connections to agents and lower enQ hold times.

IRS Practitioner Priority Service Update

Regarding Practitioner Priority Service, the IRS website states:

Service on the Practitioner Priority Service line is extremely limited. Expect delays for Centralized Authorization File (CAF) number authorizations. (source)

The IRS recently announced the hiring of 4000 agents in preparation for the 2023 tax season.