Customer Stories

Discover the inspiring journeys of our customers with enQ. Dive into their stories and see how enQ has transformed the way they work, monetize, and achieve their goals.
  • Joseph Behrman photo

    Swift Connectivity

    "I, Joseph Behrman, have been a client of ENQ for over 3 years. I greatly appreciate the technology that ENQ has developed to enable a tax professional like myself to call the IRS and have short wait times.

    Prior to utilizing the ENQ services, it was not unusual for me to wait two or three hours or more before having a live IRS agent answer my call. Often, I would be disconnected while waiting.

    Even in 2021, during the pandemic when IRS services were drastically reduced, I still was able to utilize ENQ and obtain live IRS personnel.

    Today, it is not unusual for me to use the ENQ services, contact the IRS, and have a live agent answer within a minute."

    Joseph Behrman - Joseph Behrman Tax Preparation Services
  • Optimized Productivity & Efficiency

    "I have been using enQ since January 2018 and from the beginning, enQ has cut the wait time significantly. The flexibility to reach an IRS Representative any time during the day or night within the hours of operation created efficiencies, significantly reduced frustration, and impressed our clients by our ability to address their matters almost instantly."

    George Navarro - GWN CPA, P.C.
    George Navarro photo
  • Annette Hamilton photo

    Consistent Low Hold-times

    "CallEnQ has made my business so much more efficient because I don’t have to wait on hold forever to be disconnected or be on hold so long, I actually forget I am on hold! It is an amazing service. I am able to assist my clients so much faster and get results! THANK YOU!"

    Annette Hamilton - Compass Accounting & Business Solutions
  • Access Beyond Normal Business Hours

    "My First Immediate Impression: No Time Zone Restriction. Living in the Pacific Coast Time Zone, I can call in 3 hours earlier than I could before, which meant that most of the time the IRS agent that answers is fresh, friendly, alert, and wants to help me."

    Bill Sefton - Bill Sefton, CPA Tax & Executor Services
    Bill Sefton photo
  • Trent Cook photo

    Enhanced Customer Trust

    "enQ has tremendously expedited our time in resolving issues with our clients. While it has significantly reduced our time waiting on hold with the IRS, ultimately our clients are the greatest benefiter."

    Trent Cook - Axley & Rode, LLP