Customer Stories

Discover the inspiring journeys of our customers with enQ. Dive into their stories and see how enQ has transformed the way they work, monetize, and achieve their goals.
  • Pascual Garcia photo

    Swift Connectivity

    enQ consistently gave me swift connectivity to IRS agents, particularly amid the pandemic when IRS responsiveness was severely incapacitated. The time and effort saved through this fast call connection feature translate into significant cumulative savings, preventing extended work delays and frustrations. enQ has clearly excelled as a highly rewarding investment, consistently yielding remarkable outcomes.

    Pascual Garcia - Golden Crown Professional Services
  • Optimized Productivity & Efficiency

    It was the first time in many years that I was on hold with the IRS for only 3 minutes. Thanks to enQ, I accomplished tasks in one day that used to take days. This service is a genuine blessing, amplifying productivity and efficiency, especially during tax season.

    Irene Kostetsky - Tax Management, Inc
    Irene Kostetsky photo
  • Patrice L. Berry photo

    Enhanced Customer Trust

    I had to solve a problem today with one of my clients, and it helped him feel like he selected the correct person to assist him when we were able to speak to someone within 2 minutes of calling the IRS through enQ. We were able to immediately resolve the issue preserving my client's prior commitments. Where have you been all my life enQ?

    Patrice L. Berry - Total Tax Experience, LLC
  • Access Beyond Normal Business Hours

    enQ managed to connect me to an IRS agent on the west coast to address a client's tax issue when I called the IRS via enQ at 7:15 PM Eastern time, which was after the usual closing time. This feature proves incredibly valuable when dealing with time-sensitive concerns.

    George Navarro - GWN CPA, P.C.
    George Navarro photo
  • Joseph Behrman photo

    Never Miss a Deadline with enQ

    Despite initiating the call on the actual day of the deadline, enQ demonstrated an impressive ability to quickly connect me to the IRS. This exceptional service not only ensures fast call connection but also grants me the confidence to meticulously adhere to all deadlines, free from any concerns about potential oversights.

    Joseph Behrman - Joseph Behrman Tax Preparation Services